Martin Garrix discusses working with Bebe Rexha and upcoming album

2016 has been no question Martin Garrix’s biggest year to date. The 20 year old hit maker has headlined practically every mainstage on earth by now and is planning the next steps for his upcoming artist album which many are hoping will be due out towards the end of 2016 or early 2017. From playing out no less than 12 unreleased tracks at Ultra to closing out Tomorrowland, it doesn’t seem like it can get much bigger for the Amsterdam native, but as this latest interview suggests the producer has a lot planned for the future.

Sitting down with Billboard before his set at their Top 100 event in New York recently, Martin talked about collaborating with Bebe Rexha on “In The Name Of Love” which is his latest single. Speaking on the track he said that working with Bebe was “amazing” and that her voice is very “unique and special.” Martin traces the beginnings of the track started back in January when he sent her a demo of the instrumental to which she later sent him back vocals and it’s safe to say Martin was impressed. From there the two worked back and forth over FaceTime to allow them to complete the track on opposite ends of the world.

Talking about the album Martin said he’s “tried some new things” and that he wanted to do “something different” as opposed to the big-room tunes he’s known for. Garrix says he wants each track “to be a surprise” and that we shouldn’t be expecting anything from him as the record will span a number of genres.

You can watch the full interview below: