Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

Porter Robinson has finally paired up Madeon. And we couldn’t be happier.

It is a match made in heaven for many of their fans, and one a few had given up on over the past few years. Two of the scene’s most prominent artists, they have been at the futuristic edge of the genre for a while now, helping shape its trends and define its sounds. And with their newly revealed collaboration, has come fans clamoring for a listen.

Emerging via Porter Robinson’s reddit thread earlier today, he posted an iTunes link to the track, titled “Shelter”. While the link has seemingly disappeared, a number of rips and leaks have now surfaced onto the net. Reflecting the wide and global popularity of the pair.

Clearly working from the foundation by his ground-breaking album ‘Worlds’ back in 2014, Porter Robinson fuses his song-writing mastery with Madeon’s eclectic electronic edge. With both going on tour in recent times, formal releases on their latest work have been few and far between.

One of the most refreshing tracks we’ve heard in recent times, the perfected vocal chopping, surging chords and pulsating beat culminating in emphatic style. Using the vocal layer to great effect, the delicate vocals, rhythmic drum sections and rising melodies underneath really do provide a platter of specialty dance music. The stuff that carries the timeless essence throughout, that comes from the considered approach of both Porter Robinson and Madeon’s production’s.

Check out the rip below and let us know where this ranks out of this years release’s!


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