Sergio T feat. Dim Gerrard – Trick Me

Sergio T is a DJ/Producer hailing from the sun-kissed boundaries of Thessaloniki in Greece. With 17 tracks under his belt, his portfolio includes a variety of originals, remixes and bootlegs in both a collaborative and solo form.

Showing a love for music and instruments at an early age, by the age of 15 he had composed his first track. Going on to be signed to one of Greece’s biggest labels, My Group, at just 18, Sergio T has continued his early career momentum. With his first notable track proving a major summer hit, “Don’t Go” received thousands of plays on radio stations. Another popular number was “Secret”, which went on to be one of the most popular Shazam tracks in the region. Having produced a flurry of No.1 hits in his home country, Sergio T has been at the front of the regions new generation of dance music talents.

Renowned as a DJ in his hometown, he travels around the country playing at the country’s finest clubs. Drawing his experience from disk jockeying to his studio mastery, Sergio T’s latest offering is being released on Warner Music. Providing a catchy sequence of brass chords, “Trick Me” is topped with Dim Gerrard’s soulful voice. Breaking into a progressive build up, the track brings RnB vibes and a soulful mood to its electronic basis. Capturing the Mediterranean vibe, the track uses a pulsating beat and dynamic styling to maintain the optimum energy levels.  Adjoined with an Official Music Video, connotated with evocative messages, the track serves as a full package.

Grab your copy of Sergio T’s masterful track “Trick me” today!


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