Skrillex debuts massive collaboration with Snails

Skrillex is riding a wave of success that can only be described as phenomenal. With the string of accolades behind the superstar, an up and coming producer can only dream of catching the highly sought after attention of the hit maker.

Canadian producer Snails can count himself fortunate as his distinctive ‘vomitstep’ caught the eye of one of the biggest music influencers in the business today. The superstar has championed Snails’ distinct sound and the two even collaborated on the eclectic track “Holla Out’. The chemistry between the two is unquestionable and fans of the producers will no doubt be ecstatic at the news that the pair have a long-overdue collaboration in the works.

OWSLA boss Skrillex took to the airwaves to announce the upcoming collaboration on OWSLA Radio. Similar to that of “Holla Out”, the two producers lay down heavy production and drums on this intense record. The joint effort showcases both talents’ unique signature styles as it pushes Snails’ snarling bass synths that stammer over Skrillex’s punching drum arrangements.

With the two complementing each other perfectly this is a festival hit in the making. The still un-named future hit will no doubt be a staple in the upcoming sets of the 2 producers.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:


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