Watch: Feed Me unveils his unreleased remix of deadmau5’s classic track “Strobe”

Jon Gooch, or most notably known as his alter ego Feed Me, recently created a lot of noise with his massive extended play titled ‘Feed Me’s Family Reunion’. This release has accumulated an immense amount of support from fans and producers alike, which has clearly made Feed Me’s return an absolute success.

Prior to dropping his latest EP, however, Feed Me has already proven his ground as one of the most creative and versatile producers in the business. Gooch began this project as part of deadmau5’s mau5trap record label that essentially became Feed Me’s home for several years.

Giving tribute to his early beginnings with mau5trap, Feed Me just revealed his unreleased remix of deadmau5’s “Strobe”. On Twitter, fellow dubstep producer Kill The Noise uploaded a live video of Gooch playing his version of the classic track. Based on the short video, some melodic elements from the original rendition are kept but with Feed Me’s own twist as well. The bass-heavy, techno drop then ensues, which certainly resonates some of Feed Me’s earlier sounds.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut