Watch: Skrillex opens for Guns N’ Roses

Earlier in June, Skrillex was announced to be supporting Guns N’ Roses at their Houston stop during their Reunion tour. He managed to prepare a set in just a week, making remixes and mashups that would be suited to rock fans & possibly convert them into liking dance music.

Skrillex told Rolling Stone:

I wanted to warm up the crowd and entertain them so that by the time Guns N’ Roses came on they were semi-turnt, I put in my big songs and of course remixed them and did mash-ups. I threw in a bunch of old metal songs, as well. That was my preparation: throwing in Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera

Firstly, this set is incredible and shows why Skrillex is one of the best DJ & Producers in the music scene. He manages to mix rock classics into crazy dubstep tracks aswell as some of Skrillex’s anthems. Starting with Metallica’s Enter Sandman, he flows straight into the drop of Jauz’s remix of ‘Plur Police’ by Knife Party. A few minutes later, Skrillex fires up an awesome remix of ‘Bulls on Parade’ by Rage Against the Machine but the mashups/remixes of rock classics don’t stop there, further on in the set, Skrillex pulls out an electrifying version of ‘Chop Suey’ by System of a Down and ends with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Skrillex brought highlights of his career (as an artist) to his set by playing tracks that turned his dream into reality, such as his remix of Benny Benassi – ‘Cinema’ & ‘Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites’.

As a fan of rock & electronic dance music, Skrillex played the best of rock & the best of dubstep and mixed it together so well which is so difficult to do. This is definitely a must watch and hopefully Skrillex can possibly pull off more sets like this in the future as I wish I could’ve seen this live.

Watch a fan video of the performance below: