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The summer is almost over

Airscape – Pacific Waves

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The summer is almost over and it slowly becomes the time of tempos to go down, festival anthems to fade away and melodies to kick in. Whilst many however fight the never-ending battle “Is trance dead or not?”, 90’s superstars Airscape are back with a statement.

“I always will stand behind Trance and i will until the day I die. People who saying trance has died are not from this planet, simple as that” says Johan Gielen, the founding member of the duo responsible of some historical trance releases in the past two and a half decades.

Kicking off his career before turning 18, Gielen is known to be one of the pioneers of the genre, staying true to the original sounds of trance. Believing in the project since its very start, having had a handful of partners throughout the years, Airscape are back with a bang, proving that 90s trance is still current in modern days.

“I started back in 1992 with Airscape as a studio project. At that time (maybe a bit earlier) I was already feeling like doing something different and over the years I have been constantly searching of ways to create a special Airscape feeling and sound.”

Despite the challenges an old-school producer might be facing in the world of commercial electronic music, Gielen still keeps a steady schedule of gigs, playing an important role in teaching music history to the new generation of electronic dance music fans in today’s festivals.

“The last years business has grown, there are a lot of new talent, new styles, bigger and better festivals but I still think back to where it all started for me. It was a different game – we had no social media, promos had to be send by courier, and every week I had to go to the record store to get my new music . As you see how it work this days it’s much easier, all you need is a good laptop :)”

With Ferry Corsten bringing back his “Gouryella” sound back and Johan Gielen keeping Airscape alive, old-school (or should I say original) trance is sure to become the new “thing”.

“The last year I’ve been working very hard with Peetu S from Finland (who’s now official the new member of Airscape) to create some new tracks and Pacific Waves is the first of it , so there’s more to come. I’m sure that the old  school Trance is making his way back up. We all have to go back where it all started and  combine it with today’s sound.”

Premiered on ASOT 774 by Armin van Buuren, Airscape’s latest “Pacific Waves” sure does remind about where it all started. Whilst the release is sure to bring some good memories to the veteran fans of the genre, those who are new to this kind of sound are in for a treat. The mesmerizing strings, bells and plucks in the breakdown take the listeners to a different state of mind. The euphoria in the build-up showcases the classic uplifting vibe, leading to the full power of the stunning melody of the track. This one is sure going to make you want to listen to it with your eyes closed again and again.

So is trance really dead? Never was, never will be.

Grab your copy of the beautiful Airscape – Pacific Waves here.

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