Beatport to re-calibrate its genre categories

Beatport announced last month that as part of its corporate restructuring process, it would be implementing a new genre category system. To better the companies core focus of assisting electronic artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, the company put together an authoritative body with the sole purpose of reassigning tracks under a refresh sub-genre category system. Aimed to be updated every six months, Beatport themselves hope to enhance the accuracy of its entire catalogue.

With Future House and Big-Room now being formalized through the official unveiling, frustrating overlaps should cease to exist. In turn, meaning the likes of Martin Garrix’ earlier festival-orientated tracks won’t be classes under the same bracket as Eric Prydz’s longer, extended piece’s of composition. Overall, ensuring the distinctive characteristics that current sit within Progressive House are separated and distinguished.

With the alternative labeling format Beatport’s CEO Terry Weerasinghe reflected on the dual pathway the sub-genre has taken in recent years.

“Beatport serves DJs from both of these worlds…But it’s rare that a DJ wants to play both types of music. From now on each genre will only address one of these worlds.”

Beatport will also be adjusting some of its existing genres, such as electronica and electro house. as well as removing the Pop/Rock category. This not only applies to future releases, but also its 500,000 track discography to date. Reflecting the enormity of the undertaking, and the company’s commitment to serving the scene as best they can.

You can see the formal announcement below:Crx5qXYWEAAjRBT

H/T: Resident Advisor

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