Carl Cox to use vinyl at last Space Ibiza show

Carl Cox hold’s a place in dance music history few artist’s will ever achieve. One where utter consistency and integrity are found under a veil of respectability. And in an industry and time where a move toward’s a more popular and profitability model is enabled by such transferable skill’s, it is elevated to another level.

Recently announcing the end of his iconic residency in Ibiza, the final wind down is already underway for the British titan. A master of turntable master from his early day’s in dance music when it was an underground movement, the 1980’s was a special time in our genre’s history. With technology becoming ever-present and used throughout the 90’s, the fading out of vinyl, and the original form of disk-jockeying, started to occur.

But the format’s place is set to be employed once again next week for Carl Cox’s final performance at Space Ibiza. Bringing his prestigious box of vinyl tracks, there is a special reason for its presence at the event.

“I wanted to take things back and pay homage to all those years at Space spinning records”

Taking his place at the Discoteca main room, 8PM will mark the start of the end for Carl Cox and Ibiza for the near future. Primed to head long into the early hours, the set will entail his reputed Traktor setup, as well as feature some of his personal favourite’s from record collection. Reportedly made up of over 150,000 records, in chronological order at a warehouse.

“At the start of my residency, of course I only played vinyl but now everything is digital and has been for some years…I want to show respect to those older tunes, dig out some of my old vinyl and play them alongside new tunes… I thought it was a fitting way to say goodbye. This music has been my life and I want to share it one last time at Space.”

The simulcast of Carl Cox’s final show will be hosted on BE-AT.TV next Tuesday.

H/T: Insomniac 

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