Eric Prdyz delivers with another mesmerizing Cirez D set from Creamfields 2016

For some, Cirez D brings out the most intense dance fan rhythm from within. And it can be said with ease that this quality of Cirez D version of Dark Techno music also brings out the best in Eric Prydz, the man behind the veil of Cirez D. For those who don’t know but are surprised, here is how to deal with it as one of the fans puts it:

Cirez lives in darkness and only emerges when you least expect it, but want it the most. You can never get enough Cirez.

Undoubtedly, for the hardcore Prydz fans, there is nothing better than to get the first listen of the next release from him on Mouseville Records. The invigorating, eerie and wholly-charming sound that characterizes the Cirez D persona is a statement in itself – it separates Prydz and his band of faithfuls and lets them truly become themselves. And, as is always expected, the latest Cirez D set at Creamfields 2016 just does the trick for all those attending.

As he took on stage after the Chase & Status set, Eric Prydz had his eyes set on doing what he does best – mesmerizing. The set, accompanied by the mouthwatering visual designs delivered to the tee with the music, features tracks Italian DJ & Production virtuoso Sam Paganini, London based producer¬†Jel Ford, Slam, Truncate, Monica Kruse and Pig & Dan. Two IDs and a total of 4 originals too found their stand in the set-list. All in all, nothing that a true fan couldn’t have asked for. A delight all the time, the music from the Prydz camp always gets the heads swinging one way or another and this set is one of many essentials from that camp. A visual delight in viewing and a worthy listen to any ear, the constant top notch music from Eric Prydz desk, one wishes, will never stop.

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