Hayden James releases official music video for “Just A Lover”

Hayden James is riding high off the success of his latest single “Just A Lover”, his first original production in 2016. While the track continues to gain momentum around the globe, the Australian up-and-comer has unleashed the official video for the sensual offering, which was released on June 17th. The song proved to be one of the standout offerings from Hayden James’s emergent production catalogue, as he offers a soulful and divine composition, plotting a catchy top-line over a mighty deep-infused beat progression.

The video primarily stars two lovers, placing the youthful protagonists in a dark, noir-like motel. The video recounts a passionate relationship between the two characters, using a conceptional storyline and abstract cinematic tools. Ultimately, the video completes the mysterious aesthetics first evoked in the original track, offering a simple, yet fitting visual counterpart to the larger-than-life production.

Hayden James demonstrates that he is not only touching upon what is happening in the underground with the inclusion of unmistakable signature elements, but also the overground with stimulating visuals and an homage to the deep house culture. After “Just A Lover” surpassed the 600k mark on Selected’s Youtube channel, the official video is set to hit an equal scope.

Check out the official video below.

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