Premiere: RYZZO – Snake Charm

RYZZO is the first DJ/Producer of Indian descent to be signed on Chuckie’s esteemed label, Dirty Dutch. Premiering with We Rave You today, the track is a hard hitting, culturally-inspired monster.

Hailing from Chandigarh in India, RYZZO produces with only a Macbook and a pair of headphones with a long time friend and an upcoming Indian producer CHΔNDΔN, as his co-producer. Having studied at the reputed True School of Music in Mumbai, he has homed his skills and techniques to the elite level they are today. Influenced by not only dance music names such as Bassnectar, Diplo and Skrillex, RYZZO also draws inspiration from the likes of Eminem and Drake as well.

Fusing classical Indian music with electronic capabilities, the underlying motivation to his work, both as a producer and teacher, is to take the sound of his nation to the world. Providing the opportunity to work and learn within his own studio, RYZZO has a habit of helping enhance the Indian scene as a whole. Laying out three of his podcast series to date, his SoundCloud is set to be very active in the near future.

Opening with a vibrant and energizing flurry, the track quickly infuses itself with Indian synth’s and melodies. Hyped up by a vocal riff, it then plunges into a mass of pulsating beat and scratched elements within a hard-hitting atmosphere. Breaking into a dynamic blend of chopped melodies, rolling rhythms and vocal resurgence, it is primed for the settings of both RYZZO and Chuckie’s upcoming performances, “Snake Charm” certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The track itself, “Snake Charm”, has already amassed support from like of Don Diablo, Tommy Trash and DJ Carnage. Acting as the 69th edition to Dirty Dutch Records portfolio, Chuckie himself continues to show himself on the front line of trends within the scene.

Grab your copy of this free download today, and get out the track in all of its glory below!

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