Sean Tyas – Swimming in Acid

US born and raised Sean Tyas is without a doubt one of the absolute stand-outs in the trance scene. Having had his fair share of traveling through genres, the melody mastermind has been a true example of how to take the best of everything and merge it into one. Having launched his Degenerate movement almost 2 years ago, Tyas is now the brightest star in the dirty, old school and powerful side of Trance music.

His latest production “Swimming in Acid” is the true justification of all these flattering statements. The freaky, twisted and dark acid bassline is sure to strike upon every dancefloor, finely complimented by a beautiful, yet dark melody, which is a powerful signature in each of his tracks. The remarkable use of innovative and daring production techniques are the true verification of the fact that stepping out of your comfort zone will be the kick start of your rise to stardom. Here is what Sean Tyas had to say about the journey of making this peak time monstrous beast:

I love sound design.

I could easily sit in my studio all day and night programming new interesting sounds on a variety of synths without feeling the need to make a track out of them (although often that’s exactly what I do). I just love seeing how far I can push or bend the sounds of these incredible machines (or I should say, software versions thereof). What sonic boundaries can be crossed….what areas of originality can be reached.

Swimming in Acid was born out of just such a session. I’d dedicated a couple of days to designing a plethora of new acid patches, and ended up loads of interesting new high resonant textures as a bi-product of those sessions. One of those sounds became the main acid in Swimming in Acid and it also gave birth to the track’s title. Sat there turning knobs, mapping envelopes, driving filters – I was literally lost in waves of liquified 303 goodness.

Fuck I love this job. Shopping for new synths and then putting them through their paces to see jus how far you can take them. Can you make an acid line from a synth that’s supposed to be designed just for pads? Can you do vice versa? That’s the joy of this occupation for sure. Anyway – I just felt compelled to tell you this as I’m sitting here in my cave doing it again right now – floating in it, wading in it, swimming in it…………

There’s nothing more hypnotic. There’s nothing more “trance” inducing – than a 303 line.

The track is out via VII, a newly launched label, fruit of the combined work of Astrix, Simon Patterson, Freedom Fighters, John Askew, Sean Tyas, Will Atkinson & Blazer. Having had only 4 releases so far, the imprint is quickly growing into one of the most versatile, refreshing and innovative labels in the trance scene.

Make sure you grab your copy of “Swimming in Acid” here.