Steve Angello showcases new single ‘Glory’ in latest BBC Radio 1 mix

Any Radio station out there knows for a fact that when you give the space behind the decks to a figure like Steve Angello, there is no worry about the quality of the curation. Nobody disputes that – Steve is a taste-maker by birth and by virtue. All music on the mix is quality and is bound to take the foreground in all spheres of the Electronic Dance Music industry and be it hits on the charts right now or tracks that are touted to become famous – very few can curate like Angello, let alone match his taste. And that is precisely why he takes the center stage at BBC Radio 1. And the listeners got a gift of their own when he took to the latest mix to preview a new single titled ‘Glory‘.

Closing the show in a grand manner, Steve lets ‘Glory‘ settle the outro for the listeners. Groovy, progressive and a with a sweet melody as always, the track’s real mystery lies in the reduction of the tempo that takes place in the middle. And that Diminuendo along with the backing chorus is what sets the song to have a perfect build-up to what is about to come. Taken almost to the point of a halt, the progression hits back and we’re back on track. Carrying an isolated Daft Punk-esque feel to it, there is little to wonder as to where the track would end up on the charts when released. Till then, the little recording from this month’s show should do.

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