Axwell & Shapov unveil official music video for “Belong”

A month ago, professional as well as amateur video directors were given the unique opportunity to submit their video creations for Axwell & Shapov‘s divine collaboration, “Belong“. Videos were allowed to be of any nature at all and the competition wasn’t limited to professional directors. Everyone was encouraged to show off their skills and personality.

With the first prize winning the grand prize and an endorsement from Axtone, and the second and third places also taking home prizes, the competition saw entries skyrocket into the thousands, further magnifying how ground-breaking this opportunity could be for emerging visual artists.

With stunning scenic backdrops, aerial drone views, and a fair amount of stellar cinematography, video director Jose Javy Ferrer‘s submission stole the hearts of Axwell & crew upon first review, securing Ferrer’s place among the Axtone legacy.

Starring in the video is Panchito, an adorable white maltese who embarks on an epic quest to return to his loving home. The journey isn’t without perils however: Panchito finds himself wandering the wilderness, battling the harsh elements, and trekking across terrain more suitable for his distant cousin, the wolf. But the determined canine perseveres, finding himself in the loving arms of his owners at the culmination of the video. The video manages to perfectly deliver a suitable motion for the already divine production.

Check out the full video below:

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