Laidback Luke & KURA – Mad Man

A joint venture between Laidback Luke and KURA, ‘Mad Man’ is an explosive track with an unforgiving drop. Dutch mastermind Laidback Luke is known for his heavy-hitting beats, but this track is certainly a new direction for him with a much higher BPM than his usual hits. Portuguese superstar KURA’s signature style is definitely a huge part of the track, with the elements from both artists clearly coming together to produce this epic hit.

The track starts with the high tempo beat which continues to build with each element coming in one by one, with the track becoming heavier with each additional component. The build up comes to a halt suddenly, when the melody is introduced and the track begins to build again. This leads into a trumpet section which evolves into the monstrous drop, which will definitely create mayhem when played to a crowd. Following this, the track unravels with each element out in the open building up to the second drop, which wreaks havoc once again.

Having already hit over 400,000 YouTube views on the official music video, ‘Mad Man’ has had a huge positive response from fans. The beastly drop is certainly the element of this track which people have talking about the most, which is not surprising considering how crazy it is.

Listen to Mad Man on Spotify, download it on Beatport, or watch the official music video below.

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