LIONE – Leave This Place

Finally, the time has come for Martin Garrix‘s independent label STMPD Records to really step into the spotlight. Many major artists establish their own record label as a platform to release their own music, and over the past few months the Dutch youngster has done exactly that. But now it is time for the label to release their first track that doesn’t have Garrix’s name on it, or at least doesn’t involved one of his side projects, as was the case with Area 51. Los Angeles based producer LIONE is the first artist to have his individual track signed to the label, as he releases his new single ‘Leave This Place‘.

LIONE is renowned for his emotionally progressive/trap fuse that has been growing in popularity for some time, and his first original track is an incredible vocal production. The track is one of the most refreshing tracks we’ve heard in a long time, using the delicate vocals to great effect, rhythmic drum sections and rising melodies underneath really do provide a platter of specialty dance music. The stuff that carries the timeless essence throughout, the track is Porter Robinson-esque in style.

“Leave This Place” is now available as a free download via STMPD Records, listen below: