MKSHFT – Omkara

The mysterious MKSHFT makes a huge splash with his debut release titled “Omkara”. Not much information is known about this upcoming talent; however, he does reside in London to learn more about and hone his craft in music production. His stunning musical style features several Indian influences with hints of electronic dance music elements, which his latest track certainly possesses.

MKSHFT introduces himself to the world with a mesmerizing new tune called “Omkara”, which delivers the oriental vibes that define the Indian lifestyle. Inspired by the elephant-headed god celebrated in the Hindu culture, this track effectively brings its listeners through a riveting and thrilling experience from the beginning till the end.

“Omkara” kicks off with an eye-opening introduction that immediately captures the audience’s attention. The female vocals then enter and give this production an extra punch and the Indian elements that make this single unique.

The track then builds up its energy and transitions into the massive climatic sequence. With its flurry of heavy synths and hard-hitting basslines, the drop is certainly capable of electrifying a crowd of any magnitude. “Omkara” continues its flow until its last beat, completing this brilliant Indian-style production from MKSHFT.

The track is now available for a free download here.