Nick Lindahl – Oceans

Nick Lindahl is another budding talent sourcing from the central European nation of Germany. Hailing from Stuttgart, his childhood’s indulgence within music has led him towards his signature melodic sound.

Equipped to handle a variety of instruments, it was only at the age of 14 did Nick Lindahl find his inner desire for electronic dance music. Persistent on the selection of fitting tracks for the atmosphere when Disk-Jockeying, to maximizing his technical production skills in his studio work, he has quickly, and deservedly become one of the most in-demand acts in his homeland.

Unbound by sub-genre, rather a pursuit of enthralling melodies, he already has over 10 tracks to his portfolio and his very own podcast. Ranging from chilled house vibes, to energetic Big Room atmosphere’s, he takes an artistic approach to his sets. Releasing music on labels such as The Groove Society, and TronTronic, he reflects the rising dominance of central Europe within the scene’s emerging talents.

Having gained support from the likes of Sick Individuals for his masterful remix of “We Will Run”, his passion for the curation and creation of dance music as a whole is ever-present. Creating the five minute long Progressive House track “Oceans”, Nick Lindahl demonstrates his skill and ear for crisp composition. Climaxing as a mightily impressive melody, the rich energy is something few producers will his experience can pull off.

Promising a large array of music in the coming months, Nick Lindahl is one certainly on our radars. Check out the preview of “Oceans” below and grab your copy from Beatport today!

Expat living in New Zealand with a keen ear for the pure form of progressive house and a passion for the electronic scene in general. Fingers crossed you like this site as much as me!

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