Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens teases new remix of The Chainsmokers’ “All We Know”

Oliver Heldens rightfully claimed a Top 10 placing in DJ Mag’s latest polling. One of the positions that can’t be questioned, his innovation within dance music and charismatic charm have led to his loyal fan base swelling in recent times.

After the recent success of his track “Flamingo”, Oliver Heldens teased his upcoming remix of one of the biggest acts within the scene at the moment. Spread over several Snapchat clips, the announcement of its creation, and a cheeky preview of it, was met with delight by fans.

Likely to be used as part of The Chainsmokers supporting material and hype around their 4-track EP next month, the news comes in the wake of their latest music video for “Closer” releasing under four days ago. A video of which, that already has over 10 million views in under four days on YouTube.

Remixing the duo’s track with Phoebe Ryan, Oliver Heldens version of “All We Know” brings a higher tempo and a more orchestral composition. Still within the boundaries of his signature sound in the sub-genre’s of Deep House and Future House, he is clearly as keen as fans for its releasing, instructing fans to tweet The Chainsmokers themselves to speed up its release.

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