Premiere: Chocolate Puma & Tommie Sunshine – Take The Ride

Making another return to Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep Records, Chocolate Puma have just released their brand new collaboration with American producer Tommie Sunshine. As three of the industry’s most legendary producers, Chocolate Puma and Tommie Sunshine combine their signature sounds together into a thrilling house masterpiece “Take The Ride”.

Known for their versatility and prowess in the realm of music production, Chocolate Puma have become household names within the entire dance music community. These two Dutch powerhouses have released some major festival anthems in the past, including their record titled “Space Sheep” with Oliver Heldens and their single called “Lullaby” with frequent collaborators Firebeatz.

For their newest release, Chocolate Puma joined forces with another familiar name that they have previously associated with. Once again, they have teamed up with Chicago-native Tommie Sunshine after the tremendous success of their track “Scrub The Ground” last year. Collectively, Chocolate Puma and Tommie Sunshine create “Take The Ride”, which is geared to dominate any festival stage in the near future.

Right off the bat, the track sends out a massive surge of energy with its groovy beat and lively male vocals. Featuring some fierce chords and distorted synth progressions, “Take The Ride” is certainly capable of pumping up a crowd of any magnitude. Overall, with its high-spirited sounds and its brilliant production level, this tune takes all listeners on an unforgettable ride and provides the uplifting vibes necessary for any dance music event.