Relive ADE with Fedde Le Grand and Darklight Sessions

As always, the Amsterdam Dance Event has flown by far too quickly. As the sun sets on yet another successful installation of ADE, we look back at a vast number of set recordings, events and panel discussions which stood out for us, through which nostalgic attendees can relive the conference and its numerous partys, and FOMO-infested fans can experience the glory for the first time.

One of the stand-out offerings was Fedde Le Grand‘s iconic Darklight Sessions. Located in the legendary Het Sieraad in Amsterdam, the event saw so much success in the past that Fedde Le Grand went on to host his third consecutive edition of his ADE Darklight Sessions. This time he presented a star-studded lineup including Kryder, Sultan + Shepard, Watermat, Leroy Styles and Zilverstep.

If that was not enough, this year’s event saw two guest appearances by two of the biggest DJ’s in the world. Shortly after Fedde took over the DJ booth, no other than Armin Van Buuren joined him on the stage to deliver one of the finest B2B sets of the week. But the surprise was not over. Next to Armin, Dutch heavyweihgt Nicky Romero found himself at the same spot, stimulating the crowd with another energetic B2B set alongside Fedde.


To recap the magical experience, Fedde has released a short aftermovie including a soundtrack that sounds like his own remake of “Put Your Hands Up For Detoit”. The film eases viewers in as the camera showcases the unique venue grounds as well as the numerous star DJ’s. The aftermovie gradually moves through umpteen shots of the energetic crowd, the event’s talent on stage, and colorful decorations with Armin Van Buuren and Nicky Romero’s guest appearances.


All pictures are now available here.

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