SRNO – Stay Sane

With summer officially over and fall season in full swing, goodbye we say to the high energy, fist bumping festival anthems, and enter in the chilled out, cool and collected sounds we know and love about the end of the year seasons. Rising dutch talent SRNO is out to continue making a name for himself with his incredibly smooth production, Stay Sane ft. Naaz.

Aside from breaking through earlier this year with his hit single, Give It All Up, SRNO has not only been featured on the coveted Majestic Casual compilations, but also released plenty of follow-up quality productions, including an ever so sultry take on Drake‘s world famous Hotline Bling. Stay Sane is no exception to the sultry sound, with its beautiful, chilled out melody, coupled with some absolutely angelic vocals by Naaz, this fall season banger is perfect for a cup of coffee on a chilly fall morning, reflecting on loves past, present, and future.

You can find more on SRNO and stream Stay Sane now, on Soundcloud.