Vicetone- Kaleidoscope Ft. Grace Grundy

Spinnin’ is back with another release and this time, it’s one I’m sure we can all fall behind. The Dutch pioneers known as Vicetone have paved the way for Progressive house since their debut back in 2012. With remixes under their belts catered to all walks of music including Adele, Maroon 5, and Zedd, the duo knows just the right amount of production flair to get a crowd moving and record sales bumping. Their tracks “Lowdown” and “Ensemble”, all Spinnin’ Records releases, as well as “Angels” and their vocal powerhouse “No Way Out,” Vicetone seems to know a thing or two about electronic music relevance and where the culture is headed.

Following their 2016 EP Aurora released this past April, Vicetone is back with their newest vocal power-ballad, “Kaleidoscope.” Although just a preview, the minute selection shows true originality and highlights the Vicetone flavor we’ve all grown to enjoy. With hints of Pop house, the track does an excellent job displaying beat progressions, vocal structure, and Gracy Grundy’s fantastic octave range. A progressive tune to say the least, “Kaleidoscope” seems to be as complex as it is beautiful. Equipped with a playful buildup and melodic drop, Vicetone’s merge of both Grundy’s vocal dexterity with their own unique, layered production harmonies, will most certainly be worth the wait.

Available November 4th, check out the preview of Vicetone’s “Kaleidoscope” below.

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