Watch: deadmau5 reveals his centennial anthem for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Canadian and EDM icon, Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5, has been an avid member of the industry since his debut almost 2 decades ago. With that much leverage behind him, the chance of receiving opportunities two branch his sound into different mediums is at an all time high. So, with that being said it comes as no surprise that deadmau5 was reached out by Toronto Maple Leafs management to structure the teams 100 year anniversary home opener anthem.

After an interview done with, deadmau5 responded to the offer with a “heck yeah”, and the outcome turned outo to be an energetic masterpiece.

“I knew I had to do something that was palatable and worked for the crowd and also lend itself to some audience participation. These thoughts all formed in my head before I even sat down.”

The track, a remastered version of his unreleased single “Professional Cat Thruster”, was debuted at the teams celebration. Shown in the video below, the track from the gecko has an obvious deadmau5 structure. His celebrated chord progressions along with heightened beat placements and upped synth work, the two minute track is definitely one to get a crowd going.

From the looks of it, everyone involved should be happy with the outcome. Deadmau5 did a stellar job honoring his homeland and paying tribute to their centennial achievement. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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