Bicep Pump Out Eclectic Synthol Hit Part II Mix

To fans of house music, you’ll no doubt have heard of the Bicep boys. The Belfast born bloggers have become the hottest name in dance music at the minute and their electric productions and remixes as well as their very well thought out sets and mixes have seen them become fan-favourites all over the world.

While a debut album from the lads is in the works and seems to be nearing completion from their latest tweets, they kept fans happy by uploading a part two to their popular Synthol Hit mix this week. The mix is a peek into the boys sets lately, and spans a number of genres from chunky house to more dreamy trance like tunes. There’s a number of unreleased gems and special edits that the boys have also made for this mix, and of course they’ve dug deep to find some really special, unknown tunes. Anyone who has followed their Feel My Bicep blog will of course know how notorious the boys are for finding some really obscure records, and this mix shows of perhaps better than any just how good they are at picking up quality tunes and putting them together into a set which really flows well.

You can listen to the full mix below: