Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz’s remix of Pink Floyd’s “Proper Education” turns 10 years old today

Eric Prydz has a renowned catalogue of track. A fact that no one can dispute and many adore and appreciate. Nearly ten years ago one of his biggest tracks from his earlier solo career emerged onto the scene.

Taking on a reputed band, and one of their most reputable tracks, was no small undertaking. But if anyone could represent the dance music flag high and represent credibly, it was the Swedish maestro. Re-imagining Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II”, the DJ, Producer and record owner dropped the track on Ministry of Sound, Data Records and Ultra Records. Which in itself says a lot.

Reaching No.2 on the UK Singles Chart and the prestigious No.1 slot on Billboards Hot Dance Chart, it was a release that’s popularity symbolised the first wave of the modern electronic boom. Also even gaining a nomination for the ‘Best Remixed Recording” at the 2008 Grammy’s, Eric Prydz certainly put his name on the international music map.

Now sitting on 3 millions views on YouTube, the official video also reflected the deeper aspects to Prydz’ music. Potent in message, the official music video used inspiration from Pink Floyd themselves to portray a message to do with climate change:

“There was a lot of anticipation around this video and I was really keen to do something a bit different…Pink Floyd would always use their videos to get a message across and I really wanted to carry on this spirit. I’d been reading so much in the press about climate change and global warming recently and felt it would be great to try and empower people to do something about it. It’s not making a grand statement. It’s just simply saying everyone can do a little and it will make a difference.”

Also coming as an Extended Edition, let us know your memories and thoughts and relive the magic remix below!

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