Joey Antonelli – Blackout

Joey Antonelli hasn’t yet become a household name in the electronic dance community, but it seems to be only a matter of time before he takes over. The US-based producer has carved out a niche in purveying his expertly-crafted brand of spacious, forceful Electro House. After astounding audiences earlier this year with his marvelous “Atomic“, which was released on Moon Records, Joey Antonelli returns with another electrifying solo offering and begins burgeoning as an influential producer.

The rising talent crafts a stunning twist up of rhythmic flows and energetic touches on his latest release titled “Blackout”, which is out on Peak Hour Music. An ideal track for packed festival venues and late club nights, the young gun from the USA is here to steal your attention. As the title suggests, “Blackout” sports a vibrant and thundering personality with blaring and brooding sounds, attractive melodies, and a solid mixdown. Glazing through with a powerful electro house backbone to present a remarkable synthesis of sounds, the fusion of appealing breakdowns and shattering drops is ever-present.

Building the track around a remarkable synth progression and a percussive groundwork, Joey Antonelli crafts an electro-house hybrid that just keeps on giving. Furthermore, it’s a groove-laden house jam that brings depth and structure, taking the listener on a journey across layers of sound ranging from energetic melody compositions to lush build up patterns.

Full of charm and earnest, “Blackout” is a track that gets everything right from an artist who seems can do no wrong. Inspired by the powerful and more energetic side of electronic dance music, Joey Antonelli is already beginning to define his unique style, which gathers momentum with every new release. The future of the star looks bright.

Check out “Blackout” rbelow:

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