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Laidback Luke pokes fun at DJ Mag award offer

Laidback Luke is a prolific name within the industry. With collaborations alongside the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, David Guetta, Hardwell, Chocolate Puma and Martin Solveig, the label owner can lay claim to helping elevate dance music to where its status today. Also recruited to present at DJ seminars educating younger generations on the genre, his over-20-year career has led to him to become a highly respected and listened to opinion from the industry.

Recently addressing another drama around the DJ Mag Poll, the Dutchman posted a screenshot of an email he received from the brand. Asking whether he wanted to purchase his own award, with his name and charting rank engraved, the email also explicitly mentioned the fact it would be silver, unlike the one belonging to Martin Garrix.

While jovially mocked by Laidback Luke, it does highlight further evidence as to the questionable practices carried out by the company. Especially poignant when it is deemed by mainstream media to be the official voice for who is the best artist in the scene.

Does this revelation come as a surprise to you guys? Do you think another ranking should be created? Let us know!

Ha ha no thanks! But I’m curious to see if we see some top unknown names put one on Instagram LOL

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