Pablo Oliver feat. Babz Wayne – Move Your Body

Pablo Oliver is a name that has gained much attention during the past couple of years. Hailing from the city of Barcelona, this up-and-coming DJ has played in some of Europe’s best clubs and has made appearances on numerous radio shows in the past.

As a music producer, Pablo Oliver has also achieved a vast amount of success. From his collaboration with Deepdink and Jordi Rivera titled “Same Deep Water” to his future house masterpiece called “Bordeaux”, Pablo Oliver’s portfolio has been nothing short of impressive.

Throughout his career, this Spanish talent has signed with some of the industry’s top labels such as Peak Hour Music and DirtyDutch Digital. For his latest release, Pablo Oliver joins the Hawditch Records roster to drop his brand new single titled “Move Your Body”.

Featuring some lively vocals from Babz Wayne, this track definitely has the energy perfect for any festival crowd. Pablo Oliver’s newest production taps into the sub-genre of future house that is just astonishing to listen to. With its combination of striking synths and floor-shaking basslines, “Move Your Body” will surely get any listener dancing and grooving to the beat from start to finish.

The track is out now and you can stream or download it for free here.