Pryda – The Future EP

The past two years have been absolutely tremendous for fans of Eric Prydz.  From a 2015 which seen him releasing the 3-part Pryda 10 EP to releasing his debut artist album in 2016, it’s safe to say that the Swede has been on top of his game over the last few years and shows no signs of stopping yet. After revealing that a new Pryda EP would be released in November, it’s finally here.

The three track EP entitled The Future is something very special from Mr. Prydz. Choo is a track which has been eagerly anticipated by fans ever since it first surfaced back around 2011, five years later and the track still sounds as fresh as ever. A real progressive gem that is a soon-to-be Pryda classic, it’s main draw is a dreamy, melodic plucked synth that has a mysterious vibe to it. A proper Prydz banger.

The title track is the second tune on the EP, and again it’s an older track from 2014. Entitled The Future, this is a much more bass heavy track than Choo, and is another slice of progressive house goodness, incorporating reverberated synth stabs with an almost electro-like bass-line. The final track on the EP is the longest, The End is Just The Beginning clocks in at almost ten minutes and is a real odyssey from Mr. Prydz. Delayed plucked synths are juxtaposed by airy, long-winded pad sounds throughout the track which help give it that journey-like feel with long breakdown and build sections really adding to the tension.

You can listen to the entire EP below: