Seven Lions- Cold Skin

For close to a decade, Seven Lions producer Jeff Montalvo has been the creator behind some of the most influential music in the industry to date. With 5 studio albums, a slew of festival appearances, nominations, and an immeasurable amount of fan appreciation, Seven Lions is as much of a taste maker as he is an icon. His music is known for bringing fans to tears, and sending a message that you can still head bang with the rest of them, without the need for crazed out bass.

Currently in the midst of his North American tour, ‘The Journey’, Seven Lions has added a new single to his repertoire, “Cold Skin”. In typical fashion, the track takes listeners on a melodic journey full of beautifully placed piano chords, trance undertones, and an array or intriguing sounds that all come together to create a movement unlike anything on the market today. With vocals by Lexi of Echos, “Cold Skin” does a fantastic job blending both artists strengths while producing an outcome that’s both gorgeously done, and further proves Seven Lions status in the EDM community.

When asked about the single, Seven Lions was quoted stating:

“I want to do something different. Everything doesn’t have to fit into just one genre. I want people to walk away loving different kinds of music and sounds”. 

Take a listen to the song below, and don’t forget to follow his tour dates here.

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