Sonic Bed

The Sonic Bed unveils new corridor for music

The Sonic Bed first appeared online around 15 months ago. However it’s recent emergence back into the headlines of a number of technology and music sites has led to a resurgence of interest.

Created by the imagination and skill set of Kaffe Mathews, the fusion of functionality and futuristic technology occurred through the Sonic Bed. A Sound Artists by trade, the English inventor focused his efforts on enhancing immersion and relation through a surround sound environment.

Immersing a mattress within the borders of the bed, the construct itself contains a 12 channel speaker system dedicated to emitting soundwaves. In turn creating subtle and light vibration patterns, the subsequent sonic massage as you listen to your favourite tracks adds another dimension to the sensory experience of listening to dance music.

While unfortunately not commercially viable, the concept itself lends itself doesn’t seem too far fetched based on the current momentum of the tech industry as whole at the moment. In theory the Sonic Beds could also be adapted to a larger scale, such as a nightclub venue, with clubbing and partying now having a new dimension to enjoy. But that’s just a wild theory for now…


Check out a video of the Sonic Bed in action below and let us know your thoughts!

Sonic Bed – Kaffe Matthews from Avatar on Vimeo.

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