Avicii teases ongoing production of his third album

Last summer, Avicii ended his illustrious career touring and performing across the globe. After his closing party at Ushuaïa Ibiza, fans have been wondering what the legendary DJ and producer has in stored for the future.

Avicii has been relatively quiet during the past few months, which could be a sign that he has been busy cooking up tracks inside his studio. The Swedish artist has not mentioned anything regarding future releases until recently on Instagram, he posted a photo that might have hinted at an upcoming album.

Avicii wrote a caption saying, “I see you guys ask a lot about the 3rd album. I like questions.” This statement is not necessarily an official announcement but it does reveal that Avicii is currently in the process of creating his third album.

In 2013, the Grammy-nominated producer released his platinum-recording album titled ‘True’ and followed it up with his 2015 album called ‘Stories’. Since then, Avicii has not released any major production except for Coca-Cola’s promotional song “Taste the Feeling”. Though, with this recent Instagram post, Avicii’s third album is something fans should get excited about and while there is not any confirmation yet, we should expect an announcement from Avicii and his management fairly soon.

I see that you guys ask alot about a 3rd album. I like questions.

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