Celebrate Axwell’s birthday with a look back at his official Remode tracks

It’s Axwell’s birthday and to celebrate it we will be compiling a list of all the Remodes that he has done during his career. These tracks are essentially a re-modelling or refashioning of things to make it anew. In a Tweet from 2013 Axwell asked his fans what exactly a ‘Remode’ meant to them and one of them replied with utmost precision saying:

“Something that was good, but with one edit, a “remode”, gets better.”

And there isn’t really a better definition for what Axwell’s Remode tracks are in their essence. The initial tracks are obviously brilliant, coming from the former Swedish House Mafia member, but as is always the case with the music that we all enjoy – something seems to be missing. That’s where Axwell’s Remode tracks chime in. The missing link, the final piece of the jigsaw that was so waiting to be added to elevate the original towards perfection is added into the mix. If you would take the task of asking Axwell’s fans which ones they would choose between the originals or the re-modeled tracks, most would vouch for the latter as the remodes brings a different perspective to the listening experience altogether. The tracks below would tell you that the Axwell fans opt so with good reason too.

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