Ben Cryde – Legato

Ben Cryde is yet another incredibly talented export from Italy. Hailing from the city of Bologna, this young, up-and-coming producer has been catching many people’s attention with a couple of his astounding tracks.

Some of Ben Cryde’s most notable productions include his collaboration with Cloudmind titled “Bluster”, and his original records “Precipice” and “Keep Rolling”. Returning with a brand new release, Ben Cryde recently created something rather special as a tribute to one of his idols.

Avicii, who is undoubtedly one of the dance music scene’s most legendary names, is Ben Cryde’s biggest inspiration and as a tribute to the world-renowned Swedish sensation, he produced a beautiful, progressive house track titled “Legato”.

Speaking about his latest release in honor of Avicii, Ben Cryde stated:

“I’m really proud to share with you my own tribute to Avicii, my biggest inspiration in music, the one who told me (indirectly) to start making music and fighting to manage to live with it.

You’re not an easy place, but the way you show us your beauty has no rivals in the universe. Music is this. Music is beautiful love. This is my chance to say something about it, about how my idol has been so crucial in inspiring my passion in something more.”

“Legato” opens up with a series of blissful synths and melodies that bring out the uplifting vibes we would also feel from one of Avicii’s records. The track then builds up and transitions into the climatic sequence that boosts up the energy levels and would cause any listener to dance to the beat. Overall, the captivating progressive house elements and top-notch production level that “Legato” possesses make it a must-hear track.

“Legato” is now available for download here.