deadmau5 hints at upcoming tour and new Cube 2.0 stage

Deadmau5’s 2016 campaign has been nothing short of spectacular. Aside from his massive gigs at the likes of Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland, the Canadian producer and DJ has been busy cooking up new tracks inside his studio.

Many fans have been highly anticipating his new content and finally, deadmau5’s brand new album titled ‘W:/2016ALBUM’ is set to release on December 2nd. Being one of the most creative and dynamic minds in the industry, it should not come as a surprise if his eighth album ends up achieving tremendous success similar to its predecessors.

While most of the focus is toward this upcoming album, deadmau5 recently teased something mau5heads would be excited for. On Instagram, he posted two short videos that showcase his signature cube stage and hint at a possible touring return for deadmau5.

While it is not officially confirmed yet, he did say that he is “unveiling something new”, which could potentially see the long-awaited Cube 2.0 stage. We shall wait for more word from deadmau5 himself and we will definitely provide any further updates about what he has in stored in relation to his Instagram posts below.

Unveiling something new, dec 1st. Stay tuned 😉

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And here ya go. Seeya tomorrow!

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H/T: Dancing Astronaut