Eric Prydz unveils new ID and donates $60,000 to charity

Eric Prydz and the story of James Lillo over the past few weeks has moved many of electronic dance music’s fans. A notable super-fan of the Swedish maestro, the heart-wrenching story of his passing away to a rare case of terminal cancer before the concert formed in his honour, has made headlines across the globe.

Having set up the gigs following Lillo’s post on Reddit that he had been diagnosed with stage four cancer and was worried he wouldn’t make it to Prydz’s next EPIC 5.0 event, in the following days two shows were booked at the Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles to help his cause. Going on to raise over $60,000 from the show, the proceeds from his upcoming track will also go towards the charity of James’ choice, the Cancer Institute.


And if that wasn’t enough, Eric Prydz has gone above and beyond our expectations – as per normal. Showing one of the most touching sides of any act in the industry, under his Pryda alias he unveiled a new track in dedication to adoring fan. Tipped to be titled “Lillo” the track and its formation comes with a backstory that can quite easily prompt tear and goosebumps.

Commenting on the awesome gesture, one of Lillo’s best friends, Avery Weisfeld, was at the event in his honour, going on to say:

“It was honestly unbelievable, the best experience of my life…At one point after we met [Eric], we talked for a bit and he took us down to the stage. He started playing, with me and three friends in the booth, grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug and said ‘this is for James’.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe page for James Lillo here and listen to the brand new Pryda track debuted in his memory below.

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