Eric Prydz plans to continue show for cancer patient despite passing

Eric Prydz is one of the most respected artists from the entire electronic music scene. Not only does his music bring joy and positive vibes, he also tends to go above and beyond for his dedicated fans.

One particular instance would be his recent fulfillment of a cancer patient’s request to see Prydz perform live. The patient’s name was James Lillo and he was suffering from stage four terminal cancer. Giving back to such a passionate supporter, the Swedish DJ and producer agreed to fly Lillo to Los Angeles for a private event just to have his dream achieved.

In addition, the show would also raise money for Lillo’s chosen charity, which happened to be the Cancer Research Institute. Unfortunately, Prydz had just revealed that Lillo lost his hard-fought battle against cancer.

Despite his fan’s passing, Prydz still wants to continue the show not only to raise the money for charity but also to honor Lillo. The event will take place at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on December 17th. All money collected from this concert will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute and if you plan on attending, you can purchase your ticket here.

Also, if you are unable to attend but would like to still give back, you can visit the website here.