Eric Prydz releases tribute track for fan James Lillo

The story of Eric Prydz and James Lillo has been circling around the news headlines for a couple of weeks now. Last month, the Swedish producer fulfilled his dedicated fan’s dream by agreeing to fly Lillo to Los Angeles for a live performance. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Lillo passed away after a hard-fought battle against cancer and giving tribute to his passionate supporter, Prydz has just dropped a track named “Lillo”.

Prior to this release, Prydz held two shows at the Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles in honor of Lillo. The event helped raise over $60,000, which went toward the charity Lillo chose, the Cancer Research Institute. Showing another kind gesture for his fan, Prydz, under his moniker Pryda, released this brand new production using Lillo’s name and all proceeds from this track will go to the New York-based, non-profit organization as well.

“Lillo” was officially premiered during the 17th episode of EPIC Radio and as an introduction to the record, Prydz said:

“In the days leading up to these events that we did for James Lillo, I locked myself [in] the studio to write a lot of new music and this track that I’m going to play to you now is a track that I’ve dedicated to James Lillo. It was really nice to see that so many of you guys [who were] there when I played this track understood what this track was.”

With its magical melodic sequence and astounding synth progressions, “Lillo” instantly captivates the audience and sends out the emotions it is attempting to convey. Throughout the entire track, the uplifting and blissful vibes are kept at a consistent flow, perfectly representing Lillo’s life with happiness and high spirits. “Lillo”, overall, is a must-hear masterpiece for any music fan and to show your support, you can purchase it here.