Helena Legend discusses new EP “No Explanations Part 1” and upcoming music and future plans

With an international rise to fame, Australian native turned LA heartthrob, Helena Legend, is bringing her triple threat production skills worldwide with the release of her newest EP, “No Explanations Part 1“. Keeping listeners on edge with its refreshing futuristic structure, this 3 part EP is anything but ordinary. With an array of impressive synth work, and beautifully crafted vocals, Helena does a fantastic job displaying her innate love for music into each song making it arguably, some of her best work to date.

Taking the first slot is her sexy collaboration with LA vocalist, LYRE, entitled “RU Feelin It”. With sultry percussion melody’s, accompanied by a progressive foundation, the song is completely bodied in experimental breaks, and that is all over addictive. Making her first vocal appearance, Helena’s next hit is “Illusion”. A sharp, futuristic tune with up-tempo’ layers and a message encompassed around living a life according to your own rules. The last single found on the EP is “Getaway”. This

The last single found on the EP is “Getaway”. This 3-minute joyride includes intoxicating vocals from fellow Australian Blake Rose, making for a rousing showcase of hypnotizing variety. Rich in technique and intimate complexity, “Getaway” truly highlights Helena’s maturity in the scene, proving if this is any indication where her work is headed, 2017 is sure to be a fantastic one for this rising star.

Helena Legend also provides a bit of personal insight on her EP:

“No Explanations is me showing you my different sides as a producer, I have put a lot of time and love into this project and I hope you guys love it too. I am also singing on this EP on track 2, ‘Illusion’ – which is me singing for the very first time ever on a track.
Part 2 is coming in Feb with more, so please check it out and hit me up on my socials and say hi :)”

To celebrate her spectacular release, we have had an opportunity to sit down with Helena and ask her a few questions about the EP as well as her artistry in general.

1. Are there sounds you incorporate from your time growing up in Australia that have influenced what we hear today?

Electro was big during my time in Australia which still influences my sound in ways. Flume I think has influenced many Australian artists he is so incredibly talented, I think you can hear his influence in a lot of artists.

2. Can you tell us where the meaning to your EP derived from?

I felt I wanted to make a change in my musical direction and an EP for me was the best way to showcase this change rather than just releasing a one off single.

I called the EP ‘No Explanations’ as this EP is about me doing what I want to do and not having to explain myself to anyone, this is me making exactly what I want, I’m being true to me and the music speaks for itself.

3. Any insight on what’s to come for 2017?

I have just finished filming the music video to RU Feeling it Feat Lyre in Shanghai this last week (which is going to be insane judging by the footage we got!) So that comes middle of Jan followed by part 2 of the EP Feb 10th, so 2017 is already set to be off to a good start, so then I just need to keep it up ?

Take a listen to Helena Legend’s EP, “No Explanations Part 1” below, and don’t forget to follow her official Soundcloud page here.

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