Matt5ki feat. Cat Alex – Right Here

Matt5ki is another member of the emerging Polish generation hitting our radars. Formally known as Mateusz Polakowski, the young talent has far out grown his hometown of Węgorzewo in the Eastern European state.

Taking his first steps in the electronic music world eight years ago, back in 2008, Matt5ki has developed and nurtured his skill set significantly. Having been active in the Polish club scene for a number of years now, he has now become a reputable name to say the least. Persistent in his efforts to improve and craft the best quality he can, his versatile portfolio speaks volumes of its results.

With a range of remixes and bootlegs as well as collaborative and solo originals, Matt5ki has released material on some of well-known and reputable European dance music labels such as Deal Records, Sosei Records, Nightline Records and Center Records. Going on achieve a feature on Tiesto’s iconic ClubLife Podcast, he has been in hot demand from a number of title festivals on the continent.

Performing at the likes of SunriseFestival, Fame Music Festival, Ultra Party Camp Open Air Edition and three times on the We Love Swedish House stage, Matt5ki has significant experience in front of an energetic crowd. Breaking into the production sphere in 2013, it has been quite the journey for the budding talent.  

Releasing his latest material on XONI Records, the Polish soundsman has teamed up with Cat Alex to provided a flurry of summery vibes. Plucky in its toned melody and paced in its tempo, the steady and crisp beat reflects his experience around the continent’s dance music scene. Catchy in its vocal layer also, Matt5ki’s latest offering is well worth a listen or three!

Check out Matt5ki’s track with Cat Alex below, lets us know your thoughts and be sure to grab your copy today!

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