NERVO & Askery feat. Brielle Von Hugel – Alone

Talented Australian sisters NERVO have teamed up with Askery for a brand new collaboration, which features beautiful vocals from American Idol semi-finalist Brielle Von Hugel. ‘Alone‘ is an emotional future bass style track, which takes the listener on a journey through a series of highs and lows.

Created in a hotel room in New York, the chemistry between the artists involved is palpable, with the track standing out as a production of the highest quality, clearly having been put together with the utmost precision. In the dance music industry, it is undoubtedly rare to get artists in the same place at the same time in order to collaborate, making instances such as this highly uncommon, with all artists involved having come together in person to create the track. The scenario in which this track was produced shines through, with the talents of all four artists seamlessly combining to create the ultimate masterpiece.

Brielle’s haunting vocals make the perfect centerpiece to this masterful production, accompanied by the thumping beat which gives the track a new dimension. The depth and complexity of ‘Alone’ is undeniable, with an audibly large amount of separate elements involved, making this track stand out from other future bass productions.

The NERVO girls had an amazing chemistry with their colleagues as they explain:

“Working with Askery and Brielle was truly inspiring and we think we have come up with something truly unique and genre breaking. Both are such great musicians who we massively respect and we are certain we will see them do brilliant things in the future.”

‘Alone’ is out now on Spinnin’ Records. Check it out on Spotify and take a listen to the funky track below.



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