Premiere: Holl & Rush – Hydra

Holl & Rush continue to impress with every successive release. From their breakout “Napoleon” on Fedde Le Grand‘s Flamingo Recordings, to a slew of high profile collaborations with Fedde himself or Sick Individuals, the dance phenomenons have established a pristine body of work that is a cut above their peers. Their latest output, “Hydra” does well to continue their production pedigree and comes as a free download. Resembling previous hits, their latest release uses their signature bassline and pulsating synths to provide an infectious groove.

Rounding off a supremely successfull 2016, Holl & Rush reunite in grand fashion with a production primed for effective live use. A hallmark of the duo’s production prowess are frantic melodies and “Hydra” is no different, as melodic intervals relent in favor of crisp percussion. This new original adds to a growing list of accomplishments from a pair that stormed into the spotlight in late 2014.

Holl & Rush build their latest offering as you would expect it to – infectious hooks, dialled back beats and supple melodic licks in tow. At its apex, however, “Hydra” is more than a mainstage banger. The track’s raw, versatile and its appetisingly interrelation between the bass and the kick around the low end is like nothing else on the electronic market right now, placing the Dutch pair far from the safer remits of their dance competitors and very much on our radar for the year ahead.

Comprised of music and sarcasm. Based in Amsterdam

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