Premiere: Robin Aristo – Shake It

If there is a brand you can bet your money on to churn out club-hits one after another in today’s industry, you needn’t look beyond Kryder‘s Sosumi Records – a safe haven for artists looking to dish out their creativity in the way they like without any implications or the regular label drawbacks. One such artist showcasing his tricks behind the production desk is Dutchman Robin Aristo, who is currently on the rise among the crop of new-age DJ/Producers and shows great promise in the ranks.

Based in Amsterdam, the upcoming talent sees his first major release, albeit free, on Kryder’s home for quality House music in the shape of his track ‘Shake It,’ premiered here on We Rave You. And if this exclusive is anything to go by, you’ll be wanting a lot more from Aristo’s production desk.

Kicking off with a standard House beat-work, it’s only on the road ahead that Aristo shows what the buzz is all about – not giving his tricks away until the moment calls for it. Steady build up and an enhanced anticipation are the only two things that keep the listener away from the animated break of the track. While the ‘Shake It’ sample does little to catch your attention – because the beat-work is just so enchanting – it nevertheless outlines the little details that went into making the Dutchman’s first big release. Featured on Kryder’s special Kryteria Radio edition, the track couldn’t have had a better launch to a potential chart success for itself and an equally steady career for Robin Aristo.

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