Pryda’s dual release “Lycka” and “F.A.T” turn 3 years old

Eric Prydz is one of the electronic dance music scene’s masterminds. Reflected in his portfolio, and its extensive depth, his main alias, Pryda, has a special section within the broad discography.

While 2016 has been a special year for Prydz, back in 2013 three years ago he unleashed a special array from his studio production collection. Sourcing from the likes of Pryda’s “Power Drive” “Layers” and “Rotonda” to darker Cirez D’s “Drums in the Deep” and “Thunderstuck” Eric satisfied fans with another serving of masterful progressive house and techno releases. And it was his moniker Pryda that ended the year on a strong note, with the release of “Lycka” along with its B-side, “F.A.T”.

Polished in its outset and entirety, “Lycka” was arguably the most complete track from the year. Its melodic hook of drew immediate attention, demonstrating his seamless fading in and fusion of new elements. Infused with his signature, paced, approach to song progression, Pryda steadily built to a glorious climax.

While often overlooked, “F.A.T” was also a track that holds a notable reputation from the portfolio. More similar to “Power Drive” than “Lycka”, its design was a favourite for dance floors. With a signature Pryda foundation, the songs composition winds through phases as its distorted lead ignites the ears. A set staple throughout his renowned, reputed and respected EPIC tour, “F.A.T” is as much worth a listen as “Lycka”.

Relive the special tracks below and let us know your thoughts!

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