Reports of SHM Reunion falter after stern reply from group’s manager

It’s been the only often click-baited news that truly catches the eyes of Dance Music fans, regardless of if or not there is any click-bait in them. You’re correct, it’s about the Swedish House Mafia (SHM)’s reunion. Bad news is, if reports from Billboard of the SHM reunion news are to be followed, it’s most probably not going to happen. After all the rumors, any prospects of a reunion were systematically denied by the group’s then manager Amy Thompson.

Of course, the ambiguity of the entire situation tells one to be skeptical of the reunion but many believe that it’s going to happen. Rumors did rounds after there was an image of Axwell tweet where, accompanying an image, Axwell had tweeted:

“The countdown to the new era has begun. Never is too late to get back on track…”

But even Axwell was aware and quick to deny the post as a hoax, thus putting it to bed. According to the website, the trio are lined-up for a reunion performance at Ultra Miami next year and prospective ones at New York and LA.

Replying to the queries from Billboard, the group’s then manager Amy Thompson had this to say:

“There’s no reunion of Swedish House Mafia planned at all…Even if there was, it’s ridiculously private. They’re not playing at Ultra. There’s no reunion tour planned.”

Tour or not, the heart asks the same question – “so there is still a chance?”.

Source: Billboard

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