Spotify creates jam-packed, 48-track ‘This is: deadmau5’ playlist

Deadmau5 is one of the most prominent names associated with electronic music. The Canadian artist gained notoriety for his unique and creative productions and has been considered by many people as one of the industry’s biggest game-changers.

Since entering the scene with his debut album ‘Get Scraped’, deadmau5 has successfully released a vast number of hits. From his classics such as “Move for Me” and “I Remember” with Kaskade to his more recent records, deadmau5’s portfolio has been nothing short of impressive.

Highlighting some of the progressive house mastermind’s greatest work, Spotify recently compiled 48 of deadmau5’s top tracks into one must-hear playlist. Named “This is: deadmau5”, this collection features many of deadmau5’s most iconic productions as well as some tracks from his latest album titled ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’.

Spotify’s playlist includes several crowd-favorites such as “Raise Your Weapon”, “Moar Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”, “The Veldt”, and “Strobe”. It also consists of his latest collaboration with Kaskade titled “Beneath with Me” and tracks from his new album, including “4ware”, “Imaginary Friends”, and “Let Go” featuring Grabbitz.

Looking back at his legendary career, deadmau5 has undoubtedly been on a remarkable run throughout his musical journey and you can relive most of his greatest work below.