Steve Aoki gets cake treatment at Dim Mak party

There was a fair bit of irony that surrounded Steve Aoki’s birthday party this year. Typically a raucous occasion full of the all elements that have come to characterize his events, this party will no doubt be one of the more memorable for the American however.

Renowned for his cake-throwing activities, and controversies, it has helped define his distinction within the electronic dance music scene. Bringing the infamous and popular cakes out last Tuesday, the celebration for the 20th anniversary of his imprint, Dim Mak, was one of the most energised locations in Los Angeles. However, when Steve Aoki was going about his caking business, one member of the audience took things into his own hands.

Throwing a cake back at Aoki, the madness of the event had clearly hit its climax when the sound for the party was then momentarily cut as a consequence. Below is the footage of the ‘sinful’ act that viral video experts TMZ managed to get their hands on:

Steve Aoki — Happy Birthday Cake Throw Backfires, Stops Party

Also noteworthy, and more importantly from the big occasion, was the successful of the long-running label. Not something to understate and over-look, especially given the volatile climate that is the music industry, Steve Aoki’s label has helped names such as Bloc Party and The Chainsmokers make their mark on the scene and elevate dance music to its status today.


H/T: Dancing Astronaut, TMZ

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