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Avicii teases new music in Instagram story

We all remember Avicii’s seismic statement in late March back in 2016 when he shocked the electronic music world by announcing he was retiring from touring. The Swedish superstar and influencer had a redemptive moment during a two-week road trip across the USA. Eventually, his drastic decision was caused by the lack of time for other personal interests. He wished to have time for himself, for the person who is actually behind the power-brand Avicii. Right after, the whole electronic dance community declared their support and understanding while fans responded in turn by creating an intense demand for tickets to his final shows.

Fortunately, he didn’t leave music at all, just the touring aspect. An introvert at heart, Bergling intends on using his free time for even more music production and is even considering writing songs for other artists in addition to finishing a third album of music, which he has been teasing in the last couple of weeks and dubbed it as “the best damn album” of his career. And if we are even more fortunate, we will come to relish his unreleased material he presented during UMF.

Recently, Avicii took to Instagram to offer an insight of his album-making process and recording sessions. Early previews of his work are few and far between, though so far, the groundwork in the video sounds like a melodic, chart-topping-ready piece. At first glance, Avicii may appear to be holding down vastly different ends of the electronic music spectrum than one year ago. But considering his quixotic, forward-thinking production methods as well as his distinct knack for experimentation, his upcoming tracks will likely be a complementary (albeit exotic) blend of the old and a refreshing new Avicii.

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